Cookery for Marco is a personal expressions. Cooking with love, Marco found an elegant balance between tradition and innovation. He Treats with respect pure ingredients, mixing classic and new methods of cooking them.

Marco D’Agati Chef


Born in Sicily, in a very young age Marco discovers a natural passion for cooking and gastronomy. His Nutritional Science certificate and degreein Cookery Academy help him move his first steps into Sicilian Culinary traditions and innovations. Attracted by curiosity and passion Marco started to work for historical and representative Restaurants & Hotels: Marriott (Milan), Hotel Splendido (Portofino), Grand hotel Timeo (Taormina), Hotel Imperiale (Taormina), Unicorn Restaurant (Dublin), Aubaine restaurant (London), Bella vita restaurant (Las vegas) and Chef de Cuisine Dracula Club (St.Moritz). Cookery is for Marco a personal expression, with a peculiar care to Healthy Cooking and serious respect for ingredients and seasonality


Marco Chef D’Agati is a personal Chef that works all around Sicily, don’t miss the chance to book a night at your stay in Sicily with Marco Chef D’Agati cooking especially for you. 

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